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Team shoutr at hy! Berlin

Posted on 18 Jan 2013 in Business, Company | 3 comments

Saturday we will be at the hy! Berlin Startup Competition to see what other innovaters have come with. You can never get enough inspiration on how to pitch your business idea to prospective investors. Plus it gives us a chance to swap some stories about the day to day hustle and bustle at a young startup company.

Maybe we’ll see you there. If not, have a nice weekend!


  1. christian / January 25th, 2013 19:30

    hey, any photos taken there?


  2. Shoutr Team / January 28th, 2013 16:18

    The entrance…


  3. Shoutr Team / January 28th, 2013 16:19

    …and the Radial System itself…
    Nice location by the way.


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