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Prepping for SBC Demo Day!

Posted on 29 Oct 2013 in Business, Company, Development | 0 comments

The last weeks and especially days we’ve been super busy with preparing for SBC D-Day. There were a lot of things to do and rough edges to be cut.

First and foremost, this was of course about the actual presentation. Here’s what it looked like one week ago, this is the feedback we got after tweaking the pitch in a night-long overhaul session:

Quite interesting feedback so far ;-), let’s see how the actual pitch will fare with investors! We’re all super excited and really looking forward to November 6th! So if you happen to be in Berlin on this date, feel free to come by Umspannwerk-Kreuzberg at Ohlauer Straße 43 in lovely Kreuzberg! The party starts at 11 am!