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One week after Demo Day

Posted on 14 Nov 2013 in Business, Company | 0 comments

Demo day + 7!

So it’s been a week since we’ve been on stage and pitched the shoutr vision. A lot of interesting things have developed since then, but first let’s start with some visual impressions:


For a complete photographic view of the event, head over to Startupbootcamp’s flickr site to see all the photos.


One Week Later

The whole of Demo Day was incredibly packed with action – the actual pitches (which where super high class – by every team!) as well as the get-together events afterwards. A nice stack of biz cards and some very intereresting leads is what we got out of it.

Thus, the last days have been quite busy for us, even more than before Demo Day. Getting the shoutr app polished, working out patent details and following up with investor and OEM leads were just some of the issues we dealt with.

The future looks promising, but there’s still a lot of work to do: While shoutr labs is able to propel forwards for some more time at the current pace, we still have to gather more financial supporters to be able to accelerate further and finally go BIG: to get the network-independent shoutr  p2p communication experience on every mobile device out there! Especially – but not only – for BRICS countries, we see a huge opportunity.  The foundations are laid out 1, now we need to build upon them something great!

For those interested, here’s our dear CEO’s pitch at SBC demo day:


  1. Windows and Mac clients in alpha stage.