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SBC Recap Week 6

Posted on 17 Sep 2013 in Business, Company, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Here is the recap of week six at Startupbootcamp:    

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SBC Recap Week 3-5

Posted on 09 Sep 2013 in Company, Development, Uncategorized, Update | 0 comments

Since we have been a little lax lately on the updates ¬†we thought we would do a little round-up today. So what has happened in the past two weeks? For one, we have noticed that a number of people did not quite understand what shoutrDrive does, simply by its name. Therefore, we sat down and […]

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Mentor Madness and Mini Game Jam

Posted on 19 Aug 2013 in Business, Company, Development, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Just to keep you up to date on our ongoing processes, here is a recap of what we did last week.

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Startupbootcamp We’re In!

Posted on 08 Jul 2013 in Business, Company, Press | 0 comments

Here is a blog post that we are more than happy to write. We have been accepted as one of the ten participating teams of this years Startupbootcamp Berlin.

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Big Day Tomorrow

Posted on 04 Jul 2013 in Business, Company, Development | 0 comments

Tomorrow and the day after are the Startupbootcamp Selection Days where we will have to prove to a hand-picked jury whether we are fit to be part of their accelerator program. Wish us luck!

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